Professors’s climate claims not based on science

PROF Wolff really ought to know better (The Hunts Post, March 23). His counter-claims are not based on true science, but mere speculation.

CO2 levels are rising – agreed – but the cause is primarily the warming of the oceans hundreds of years ago during what is called the ‘mediaeval warm period’. Humans are responsible for less than four per cent of the current rise in atmospheric CO2, and the time CO2 stays in the atmosphere is around five years before being re-absorbed.

I quote Prof David Bellamy: “Fossil fuels are predominantly carbon. This carbon all came from the atmosphere and became locked away in the earth during the carboniferous period.

“Pre-the carboniferous period, levels were over 4,000 parts per million. This has been down as low as 270ppm and is now about 390ppm. These figures would indicate there are still very large deposits of carbon-based energy product to be found.”

The climate models: I do not doubt they are ‘better than anything else we have’ but they are still worse than useless. Remember barbecue summers, the ‘mild’ December?

Remember the pig’s ear the Met Office made of the volcanic ash cloud alarm? All due to their climate models, which use not real physics but guesswork.

Prof Wolff is clearly not an authority on sea levels – his statement is not borne out by the facts, whereas Prof Nils-Axel Morner (president of INQUA and former head of the paleogeophysics and geodynamics department at Stockholm University) has a world reputation and actually measures sea levels. He is a true expert.

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