Preserve the history of Primrose Lane hospital

I WORKED for several years in the administrative offices of the former hospital site at Primrose Lane.

The buildings have been left for a number of years and consequently look an eyesore.

Huntingdonshire District Council wishes the “Primrose Centre” to be preserved if possible. This is the former isolation hospital and is a typical design of an isolation hospital with very high ceilings and rounded corners in all the rooms.

Around the time of the First World War, the site was used by the military and at the rear of the “Primrose Centre”, some of the bored personnel have scratched their names/initials and date in the bricks. These bricks are part of the town’s history and should be persevered.

What I suggest to the district council is that during the demolition of the “Primrose Centre” these bricks are carefully removed and used to construct a permanent memorial to all our service personnel who served their country so well on the site.