Police launch crackdown on overweight lorries on A14

CAMBRIDGESHIRE police has started a crackdown on overweight lorries on the A14.

Officers will be checking lorries after a number of heavy goods vehicles have driven on the road without informing the police or the Highways Agency.

Drivers using a lorry that weigh more than 44 tonnes must tell the Highways Agency, who decide whether an alternative route in needed or conditions are to be placed on the driver.

Vehicles that weigh more than 80 tonnes must also be notified to the police. There are other notifications but officers believe these are the only two being flaunted.

Inspector Chris Skepper said: “The use of overweight vehicles illegally on the A14 can damage the road surface and are potentially a danger to other road users.

“Those not abiding by the legislation around weight restrictions would be likely to result in more serious consequences if involved in a collision.

“The legislation exists for a reason and it is vital the drivers and firms adhere to it.

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“Furthermore not only the weight of the vehicle and load but also its dimensions may be such that conditions may also be required to direct on an alternative route and/or the time and date to ensure the safest journey possible.”

Police will work with the Highways Agency, VOSA and Trading Standards as part of the crackdown.