Police commissioner backs bigger fines for drivers who use mobile phones behind the wheel

Police and crime commisioner Sir Graham Bright.

Police and crime commisioner Sir Graham Bright. - Credit: Archant

Cambridgeshire’s police and crime commissioner is calling for drivers who use mobiles whilst behind the wheel to be hit with bigger fines.

Sir Graham Bright said increasing penalties for use of mobile phones by drivers on Cambridgeshire’s roads would serve as a “stark reminder” to persistent offenders.

He said: “I want people to understand that if they use a mobile phone at the wheel they can cause devastating accidents which cost lives.

“I am hopeful that these plans to increase fees and penalty points will serve as a stark reminder that persistent offenders could end up facing serious consequences.”

If government plans are approved, motorists who use a mobile phone while driving could face tougher penalties, with fixed penalty fines increasing from £100 to £150 as well as an increase in the number of penalty points drivers receive from three to four. And for drivers of larger vehicles such as HGVs, points would rise from three to six points.

According to figures from the commissioner, more than 2,400 tickets were issued to people using mobile phones while driving in Cambridgeshire in 2014.

Sir Graham added: “Drivers need to be aware of the risks posed by being distracted at the wheel but also the serious penalties they will face if caught.”

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A consultation will be held on the new plans in 2016.