Please fix Godmanchester’s historic Bridge Place

WHEN my mum was born at Bridge Place, Godmanchester, in the 1940s, this area was a thriving little community, boasting two pubs, a railway station and a crisp factory.

It was almost a town in itself, being not quite Godmanchester and not quite Huntingdon.

Over the years, the old steam mill was removed, Adelaide Terrace, which housed the workers of the hosiery mill, was demolished, and further cottages and the railway station were removed. Now the once-proud detached Victorian river-front house awaits it final hour.

While reminiscing recently, two visitors to the town remarked what a great example of Georgian architecture the red-brick terrace of Bridge Place is – but how neglected it is.

It is really beyond the budget of the Old Bridge Hotel, which I believe owns the building, to give its windows a coat of paint? Surely it is a listed building. Or are they hoping it will fall into ruin to make way for further development?

The old mill opposite is the exception to the area, with excellent upkeep, and is a credit to the town. But Bridge Place terrace is of historic interest and the first building you see when crossing our wonderful mediaeval bridge. I think it’s a crime that it has been allowed to get into such a state and that it should be brought back to even a shadow of its former self.

I’m sure the Old Bridge staff who live there wouldn’t object either.

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