Please don’t change the B route

THE changes to the St Ives bus service (The Hunts post, April 25) would mean that my wife would find it even more difficult to get to work in Cambridge and to hospital appointments at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon.

It seems that Stagecoach services to Cambridge from St Ives and Huntingdon have slowly got worse since the guided bus route was introduced, giving priority to and from the St Ives park-and-ride. This seems to be the easier option for Stagecoach while having little regard for the rest of the Huntingdon district in general.

The main reason we moved from Huntingdon to St Ives (Ramsey Road) was to be in close proximity to a main bus route, as the Huntingdon bus route was to take longer once the guided bus route was introduced.

Walking to St Ives town centre to catch a bus is not an option as my wife has a disability and by July, when the proposed changes are due, will be heavily pregnant as well.

Ramsey Road has been always been a main bus route and is used by many people. I urge Stagecoach not to change the B service without, at least, providing an adequate service to replace it.

I hope the person responsible for the proposed changes comes to his senses before it is changed.


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