Please agree to differ over St Ives footpath

I HAVE been following, initially with interest but now with alarm, the debate about the footpath in Kingsbrook, St Ives, which is threatened with closure. My alarm is due to the way it seems to have become a personal vendetta against Mr Penfold.

People will have different opinions for different reasons and different experiences. This is a democracy and all opinions are welcomed by the council etc. On one side, Mr Penfold has stated his point of view and some facts. However, most of the letters disagreeing with this view seem to be getting personal.

Why can’t people agree to differ? I personally know of three households in Kingsbrook who want the path closed, but another five in Kingsbrook who want it to remain open, and all (except two, I believe) in Laburnum Way who want it to stay open. There will be many more households in both camps.

I have seen the petition mentioned, and can confirm that it’s not instigated or collated by Mr Penfold but by someone who, when speaking to me about it, was reluctant to call at houses because of the open hostility.

In addition, I have been here only a year but I take exception that my view should count less than that of anyone who has been here longer: we all live here, pay our Council Tax etc. I have no axe to grind: Yes, I do not know of past experiences regarding this path, but I can go on my own experience the past year.

I have always known it as a path, when receiving directions or making references. It is not strewn with litter or burnt-out items: the surrounding streets of St Ives are far worse.

I have seen youths stopping to talk and occasionally leaning on the chain link fence talking to their mates. But they never linger more than about five minutes because there are always two or three people out to read them the Riot Act. Youths sit on the green not the footpath.

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Nor have I ever seen gangs of youths in the pathway causing a nuisance, yet I too am home all day as I work from home and both my kitchen and my office overlook the footpath. I have seen dog-walkers, children and walkers using the path daily.

Our house is directly opposite the path and we are all for keeping it open. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but can we all be civilised enough not to lay verbally into anyone whose viewpoint differs from our own?



St Ives