Planning process is open for everyone to see

ON January 16 David Hopkins was quoted in The Hunts Post (Lake owner vows continues to continue battle) as saying that planning applications should be turned down on planning reasons, not personal ones. He is absolutely right. However, I can assure him that his application for a water sports centre and holiday site at the lake he owns in Hemingford Grey was considered carefully by Huntingdonshire District Council and rejected on planning issues alone.

By law, planning applications are dealt with in a very open manner. Anybody can go to the council’s website ( and follow the menus to find out the progress of any application and the reasons if refused. All that is needed is the address or number of the application. In Mr Hopkins’ case that number is 1201122FUL.

Anybody can make a planning application, you do not need to own the land or property. What a pity that Mr Hopkins did not do this before spending a lot of money to buy the land.

I have spoken to several residents of Hemingford Grey who opposed the application; they were all very critical of whoever glued the gate locks shut. Such stupidity helps nobody.

Mr Hopkins has vowed to “keep battling away”. That is unnecessary – all he has to do is submit an application that conforms with national and local planning policies.


District councillor

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