Planners create Hunts school parking problems

ON the issue of school parking at Hinchingbrooke, it seems unfair of you to blame the parents. They will always want to drop their children off at school, and may well be on their way to work.

When at the planning stage for this and other schools, wouldn’t it be sensible for the council planners to engineer a drop-off zone for the vehicles?

Instead of this, they seem to engineer the parking problems by not doing so. I suspect they do this on purpose, therefore creating the problems.

On my way to work, I call into the shop on Stukeley Meadows at Huntingdon for my paper and, if you are later than usual, exactly the same problems arise. That school has two sets of gates, and it seems to me that there is plenty of space within the school grounds to create a drop-off zone.

That some of the parents may wish to stand and chat for 10 minutes is something that could be addressed in a drop-off zone within the school grounds.


Merritt Street

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