Photo library would be great record for RAF Alconbury

HAVING spent 17 years at RAF Alconbury I would like to see a photo library preserved inside a historic building.

There is literally tons of photos taken by people who were stationed there since World War Two, all have fond memories, and many call RAF Alconbury their second home while growing up.

I know I did. I did not want to leave, but knew my second career was waiting for me in the USA after I had finished my USAFE career with four more years at RAF Lakenheath. I retired in 1989 to start my career with GE Aviation as a F4 Phantom=J79 engine consultant/manager worldwide.

Did you know there was an RAF Alconbury website dedicated to all the history provided and put together by the people who lived and worked there over the years?

You need a sponsor and invite to get to it under the site of Mt\Alconbury operated by Bob Green.

It is late and I’m on the job with GE currently in Istanbul, Turkey, so I bid you farewell.


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