People power changed Huntingdon cemetery policy

FURTHER to the recent articles in The Hunts Post, I would like to thank the newspaper and the people of Huntingdon for the support they gave in my recent campaign to have the disgraceful policy by the town council of not cutting the grass in an area of the Priory Road/Primrose Lane Cemetery and leaving it to go ‘wild’ in the name of biodiversity overturned.

I have had many private and public messages of support.

It goes to show that with the right amount of pressure and common sense things can be overturned.

I would also like to thank the Mayor of Huntingdon for invoking a little used clause in the council’s standing orders to have this matter discussed at council on July 5 and, in turn, the council for seeing sense and overturning there original decision.

It’s clear to me that this was purely a mistaken experiment that went wrong. This is not to say that other experiments in the name of progress should not be tried, but please do not mess with the very sacred area of the cemetery.

I would also like to put on record my thanks for the hard work the council grounds team do. I in no way hold them responsible for this

Unfortunately in Huntingdon, like so many towns up and down this land, there are areas maintained by town, district and county councils and this is very confusing to the public.

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Maybe a way forward would be to have all grounds work in a town done by one council.

We are half way there. The grass has not been cut yet but is due to be cut on July 20, so we look forward to having the cemetery back to looking good and a place of respect and quiet contemplation


Former Mayor of Huntingdon