PCT has certainly not fallen into debt

I REFER to the letter in The Hunts Post of May 4 (Nothing Changes) from LJ Brooks of Kings Close, Hartford. Whilst I agree with the philosophy expressed, could I assure LJ Brooks that Huntingdonshire Primary Care Trust is not in debt. Indeed, in the finan

I LIVE and work in Huntingdon, drive a 44-tonne truck, and have driven such a vehicle for the last 40-plus years. I use the Spittals roundabout on average 10-12 times a day. I have been so incensed by some of the letters to your paper that I feel I ought to put "our" side of the argument.

Nine letters, most of them from people who aren't really sure where they are going, other than Tom Stanhope and he drives a coach.

Admittedly, my view of the road is much better than theirs, but a 10-feet long sign on the lane which says "A14" or "A14/ A1" or "A141" should be pretty obvious.

I used the roundabout on the Sunday morning when they lit up the lights and, even though only half of them were working, it became obvious that it was a vast improvement. My sympathy was for the young lady who sat at the computer for about eight hours.

I use this roundabout east to west, north to south, west to east, south to north and a few other combinations.

Now, if you use this roundabout five times a week as some of your correspondents claim, I should have thought by now they would know where they were going, and which lane to be in.

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What the lights do is allow large slow vehicles to get out onto the roundabaout without getting a car under their trailer.

There is no need to swap between lanes (as long as you know where you are going) as there are three lanes on the roundabout and only two on all the approaches and exits.

What I want to know is when are they going to do the same to the Brampton Hut interchange, because the number of times I've been halfway off the A1 slip and seen a car racing round underneath the A1 is unbelievable.

When it dawns on them that it's too late for me to stop, they go all the way round again, usually with a lot of gesticulations, but the second time round the blood has cooled down a bit and they are driving a lot slower.

There's many a chuckle I've had waiting to get out and watching them go round and round.


Priory Road