Pavement parkers include police - so don’t expect help

I AM pleased by your articles on pavement parkers. As a pedestrian, I get very annoyed by obstructed pavements, whether by parked cars, overgrown foliage or roadwork signs.

I am fortunate that I do not have small children, a buggy or a mobility scooter to struggle with.

There are always vehicles parked on pavements in Little Paxton. This does nothing to help traffic flow, as the roads are not wide enough for two lines of traffic to pass.

The pavements get rutted. These ruts then fill with puddles and recently have frozen over, adding to the hazard.

Many drivers automatically park on pavements even if just briefly stopping to deliver items or to set down passengers.

I have seen police cars parked on pavements so do not expect any help from police officers. I long ago realised that pedestrians do not matter.

I am also a motorist.

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