Passenger reaction to the guided bus service

THE guided bus opened to the public on Sunday and passengers have been getting their first taste of the service.

Is it living up to expectations? Here’s some thoughts of the passengers so far:

Doreen Armstrong and her mother Evelyn Wootten, Pidley

It is very good, but I do hope they keep the prices reasonable. It’s quick and reliable and you get a very good view.

Alastair McCormick

Went on the bus this morning to the science park. Good smooth ride, shame it got to Cambridge 10 minutes late due to the driver needing a fag break at St Ives bus station. Could he not have waited until he got to the end of the route or have one before his route started?

If it can’t run on time on its first working week day, may stick with the car.

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Mr and Mrs Jackson, Hemingford Grey

We will definitely be travelling on it all of the time. It’s really no effort to get here [St Ives park and ride site] and it’s nice and smooth.

Have you been on it yet?

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