Parking problems at Priory Fields Surgery and the pharmacy

When is Huntingdonshire District Council going to realise there is a huge parking problem for patients of both the Priory Fields Surgery and the pharmacy.

The car parking spaces allocated for the surgery are woefully inadequate especially in view of the number of patients the practice has.

I have seen cars parked in the disabled spaces whereupon very able-bodied drivers get out of cars and drivers park their cars, get shopping bags out of their boot and toddle off across the road into town (too tight to pay for car parks?).

It is also evident that people park there all day and go off to work in the town.

I use the pharmacy regularly and try to restrict the collection of medicines to weekends, but even then when the surgery is closed, the car park can be full. I have watched people quite brazenly park and walk away across the road.

I have brought the problem to the attention of the practice, who tell me the car park does not belong to them therefore their hands are tied.

If a token barrier was installed so that only patients issued with a token could get out of the car park maybe this would stop the use of it by non-patients.

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It is disgusting that patients who have difficulty even walking are having to park in the town car parks, pay, not knowing how long they will be in the surgery, just because there are people who are selfish and thoughtless.

Come on, if you are guilty of doing this, shame on you. Do the decent thing and consider others!

Lesley Ash

Desborough Road