Parking outside St Neots schools needs to be tackled

DECRIMINALISING parking sounds like a positive idea to deal with unwelcome, unlawful and dangerous parking.

Those who live anywhere near a school would, I think, welcome such a move as currently the police take little or no action because of man-power, finances, priorities, etc.

We live next to Crosshall school and several times a day it is chaos in Great North Road. It is not just restricted to school start and finish times as there is a nursery, which has different operating times.

The worst, of course, is the main schools – primary and junior – start and finish times. The school is not interested as they say it is outside their boundaries. Not sure that would wash if it was a commercial company or a supermarket.

Double parked, on yellow lines, on corners, on pavements, across driveways, right up to zebra crossings – you name it and it can be seen.

Drivers when approached are either aggressive – I was only two minutes (they never are) or I was late (not thinking they will now make other people late with their inconsiderate parking).

It is extremely dangerous and one can only conjecture that it will take a fatal accident before it will wake up the authorities, schools and parents.

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For emergency vehicles to pass by the school or to get into the school would take some doing and could increase the possibility of loss of life in an emergency.

Tickets/fines should be issued for all the types of illegal parking that I mention above and schools should be held responsible to some degree as it is a school’s presence that is the reason for the situation.


St Neots