Park-and-ride service will drive me on-street

THE Saturday before last, there was a queue from the level of the Round House in Cambridge down to the bus stop waiting for the Madingley Road park-and-ride bus.

People had been waiting 45 minutes for a bus and, when one did arrive, it was so packed that it drove straight past. After that people decided to walk to Madingley P&R from Cambridge or take a �9 taxi.

This is deplorable as all of us had paid our return fare to Stagecoach.

This was not the first time I have experienced delays of this nature. Every time I go to Cambridge (once per month) I struggle to get a bus out to Madingley park-and-ride. Each time, I bump into people who have been waiting half an hour or longer.

I am going to start parking in the residential areas now and walk in. This will be quicker and cheaper than using the park-and-ride service.


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