Oxmoor underpass still filthy

WHAT a surprise to read a letter (The Hunts Post, June 29) from the retired head of operations of Huntingdonshire District Council praising the efforts of Oxmoor residents in improving the area. I wonder whatever prompted that.

Although I agree with many of the sentiments expressed in Mr. Ward’s letter, my own personal experience does not chime with his view that HDC “worked together with residents” ... “to improve the local environment”.

When I read this letter, I had just returned from yet another “battle with bureaucracy. For some years I have contacted HDC asking them to clean dirt and debris from the pedestrian underpass near the regional college in Huntingdon. Many times I’ve been told that this is not HDC’s responsibility, but I kept phoning and sending e-mails, as well as contacting some very helpful councillors, until this problem was resolved.

So, when I was told once more – on June 29– that HDC is not responsible for cleaning this underpass, it took me back to the bad old days.

After making three phone calls over four days I called in at the Great White Palace today [HQ of HDC] and asked to see one of the two managing directors for help. All I got after a half-hour wait was a phone number and name of the current head of operations, and then I was told that he was out.

Although I quite enjoyed reading Mr Ward’s letter, I feel that his memories have been viewed through a pair of rose-tinted spectacles.

Incidentally, the underpass is still in a filthy condition so I have now asked my councillor to intervene in this matter.

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