Overtaking lorries should be banned from A14

IN reply to Roy L White (Letters, September 28) wanting the speed limit on the A14 reduced to 50mph to reduce crashes, speed is not the problem at all: what needs to be banned on all dual carriageways is lorries overtaking.

A lorry is not allowed to use the third lane on a motorway to overtake and should not be allowed to use the overtaking lane on a dual carriageway.

Two problems occur when this happens: first is that half the time when you are about to overtake them they will suddenly pull out in front of you and cause you to slam on your brakes if you were in the process of overtaking them. This in turn can cause accidents.

And the other problem is that they are the cause of most of the non-accident-related tailbacks when they do this, as sometimes they will take three miles to overtake one lorry, and in the meantime a long queue is forming behind them.


Andrew Road

St Neots