Some ideas to produce the perfect romantic meal at home

Shavonne and Andy say making a romantic meal at home should be relaxing.

Shavonne and Andy say making a romantic meal at home should be relaxing. - Credit: HARRIS

We won’t lie to you, even though our robust relationship has rendered us ‘couple goals’ amongst our peers, we are total cynics when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Nevertheless, we love, love. So, before the day of mush approaches and you’re all bathing in rose petals, we want to remind you that Valentine’s Day is so much more than gazing at your partner at a fancy restaurant over faux candlelight. 

Sure, you could support your local eatery. There are thousands of restaurants in the area to choose from who could provide you with a tempting romantic meal deal. Or you could attempt something different this year.

If you research “Foods of Love”, you may be confused at the results. Many food items are listed like oysters, honey and bananas, but we know that these are specifically aphrodisiacs with scientific and hormonal influences. Last time we checked, love wasn’t limited to, ummm… ‘hormonal activities’.

We mean real love, people! And real love means real effort and gesture, any day of the year. But let’s see the levels of romance in food form.

Jack Farthing of the Wooden Hill Coffee Company created the perfect romantic coffee.

Courtesy and credit of Jack Farthing of Wooden Hill Coffee Company. - Credit: JACK FARTHING

The Beginner

Not the most romantic type, but who doesn’t love a heart shaped cookie or piece of chocolate? We’ve seen a few local talented people who can provide love-themed treats and even personalise them for an extra special touch.

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The Intermediate

As cliché as it may sound, red wine and chocolates are still and always will be, the go-to romantic purchases. But here’s an idea. Create your very own wine tasting evening. The supermarkets and local merchants helpfully label their wines by region. Grab one from each region varying in price. Gather up an Italian charcuterie board to accompany and for dessert, attempt something technical like a chocolate fondant. Even if you don’t perfect that legendary oozy centre, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

The Professional

Rom-com’s have nothing on this individual. This person dusts of their apron, breaks out the food styling kit and sets their very own scene to woo their loved one. A starter of scallops perhaps, with a rich tomato dressing. A neat mountain of spicy penne arrabbiata, dusted with parmesan cheese for the main event. And finally, fire up the mini blowtorch to crisp the golden sugar over the light crème brulee to end the evening.

Creme Brulee is the perfect romantic dessert for Valentine's Day.

Creme Brulee is the perfect romantic dessert for Valentine's Day. - Credit: HARRIS

No matter what you do, remember Valentine’s Day isn’t about a single item of affection or cliché aphrodisiacs. It’s about a conscious effort to show your loved ones how special they are. So do it through real food. And do it with love.