Open car park access from Hartford Road

YOUR front page article about Huntingdon ring road and the letter from Amanda Abraham (October 17) prompt me to reply.

A speedy and relatively inexpensive way to alleviate partial congestion on the lower half of the ring road would be to open the top vehicle entrance to the car park adjacent to Sainsbury’s.

Traffic coming from St Ives and Godmanchester into Huntingdon could come off the ring road and down St Mary’s Street into Hartford Road.

At peak times, especially bank holidays, the lower ring road is blocked solid because vehicles are queuing up to get into the car park at Sainsbury’s.

A further aid would be to place a box at the bottom of Cowper Road. Vehicles frequently block the exits from Cowper Road and Germain Street. The lights in these two roads are set to let out three cars each time they change.

Ultimately, one has to wait for a minimum of three light changes because a lot of the time the exit is blocked by ring road traffic.


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