Only lunatics would scrap St Neots commuter bus service

I READ with complete disbelief Nick Dibben’s (Scrapping early buses will add to Longsands problem) letter in The Hunts Post on October 19, regarding Cambridgeshire County Council possibly scraping the early/late bus service to St Neots station.

Do these people have any concept of the real situation in St Neots? Take away the station bus service - more cars, more congestion, bigger parking problems in Longsands Road and adjoining roads. It really is a case of the lunatics running the asylum with this logic!

A member of my family, who doesn’t drive, is totally dependent on the bus service from Eaton Socon to catch the 06.44 train to travel into London.

Working in London is their best option, rather than work locally, with the woeful public transport links. Other commuters must also be in a similar situation. Is the county council remotely aware that this ridiculous proposal could force these people out of work by denying them access to the station? The only alternative to the bus is a 45 minute walk or �6-8 taxi fare each way. Unfortunately normal people are not able vote themselves a 25 per cent increase in allowances, as county councillors have done. So much for poor public servants. Shame on you all at this time of economic restraint.

The parking problem in Longsands Road and other roads will only be exacerbated by this idiotic proposal. Entering and exiting from my son’s close in Longsand’s Road from early morning to late evening is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Visibility to fast moving traffic along Longsands Road is denied as drivers ‘abandon’ their vehicles across the corners of junctions, making accessing Longsands Road a really dangerous practice.

The county council members should be earning their incomes by ensuring the station bus service is maintained.

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If the buses are not full on each of these journeys, surely smaller more economical buses could be used. With the UK’s unemployment figures rising, is it the county council’s intention to increase these by their actions? Support should be given to people trying to earn a living and not living off benefits.


Mullein Close

Eaton Ford