Offer to co-ordinate support for St Neots cinema

I READ in the paper this week that the planning department had decided to turn down the building of a cinema after all, in spite of the majority of people who want it.

I would have thought this needed a full open council meeting where all councillors could give their opinion instead of six: this was so important we needed 21 councillors there.

We have 460 people against. I thought at first it started off with three houses being affected, and they complained, so let’s say 20 people will be affected.

I believe the objections are noise, air pollution and smells, but didn’t we have that when the refuse yard was there. I should imagine the air of the people will be a lot cleaner in the future.

Now, a complaint about parking in East Street: all it needs is a no parking sign and the street could easily become a cul-de-sac. If the cinema car park became full, I would go across to Tebbutts Road where the parking is easy, not East Street.

I do not believe we should have more than one restaurant by the cinema, because it will affect the town itself. We need the pubs and the restaurants around the market square to do well and give life to the town.

Come on the people in St Neots: all it needs is one person in every street to take a petition to your neighbours to vote for a cinema, then ring me and I will collect them and take them to Huntingdonshire District Council. My number is 01480 350977. I am a pensioner, and I will canvas Bushmead Road and Nelson Road.

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Editor’s note: The report was of a decision by St Neots Town Council to oppose the planning application. The decision will be taken in due course by Huntingdonshire District Council.