Not too late to change Olympic torch route

I WROTE to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Media, Olympics and Sport, in these terms: “If the LOCOG spokesman consulted any map, he will see St Ives is very much closer to Cambridge than St Neots [‘It’s a flaming disgrace’, The Hunts Post, November 9]. “Also St Ives now has the benefit of speedy travel by the guided bus to Cambridge. Apart from correcting geographical inaccuracy, LOCOG should amend the route to include St Neots as a venue on the route to welcome the Olympic torch in recognition of its past Olympians.

“These are Mark Foster, short course swimming competitor at five Olympics as well as flag bearer for the GB team at the last Olympics, and also Anthony Ekins, captain of the GB hockey team at Munich in 1972 and squad member in Mexico in 1968.

“I doubt any other town in the country of our size has had residents of such Olympian status as these two fine athletes.

“Shame on LOCOG, which must reconsider, as it is not too late to change the route.”

I received what was plainly a standard reply from his department with a last paragraph inserted for the relevant town, namely: “With regard to St Neots, street level detail will be worked out nearer the time. However, as I am sure you know, the Torch will be passing between Huntingdon and Bedford. Therefore, it seems highly likely that it will be very close to St Neots.”

It would be interesting to know who were the Cambs representatives and the districts they represent.


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