Clock tower in Houghton and Wyton generates interest for Huntingdonshire Nostalgia Group

The clock tower at Houghton and Wyton.

The clock tower at Houghton and Wyton. - Credit: HUNTS NOSTALGIA GROUP

In this week's column, we have an insight into the clock tower in Houghton and Wyton.

The memorial shelter and clock tower on The Green generates a lot of interest on our nostalgia Facebook page and website.

I recently had the opportunity to meet Tom the actual community clock tower operator. He used a step ladder to open the loft hatch and climb into roof of the clock tower.

Tom was there to carry out a check, which he does roughly every 10 days, of the clock's chime and wind-up internal operating system.

I asked him what exactly was happening and was able to help wind the working system for the clock tower.

Many of us over the years have been passed this location for one thing or another, maybe walking through the Thicket , visiting friends in the area or maybe visiting the shops or pubs, but I am sure we can all remember the clock tower.

I never knew what was in the thatched loft area but after seeing the amazing system that operates the clock tower it may inspire some interest into other local nostalgia that we normally admire as we walk passed but never really take a good opportunity to look deeper at.

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