Non! Keep your parc, we want Cromwell

MAY we through the medium of your newspaper bring to the notice of the people of Huntingdon the issue of a change of name for the area currently being redeveloped on the ring road that used to be The Old Barracks/Sheltered Housing accommodation on Cromwell Square.

We understand that a submission has been put before the Huntingdonshire District Council to call this new development ‘Parc Square’.

When we contacted HDC regarding this issue we were told to refer to the developers, Luminus. We have corresponded with Luminus on the subject and have now been passed on to Messrs Campbell Buchanan, and we are awaiting a response from them.

In the meantime our question to the population is: are you happy with this constant change and erosion of our historic past? We understand that change and improvements are an inevitable part of any townscape but does that include also doing away with the original names?

The new apartments on the corner of Ambury Road are called Park View, no problem here that was not changing an original name.

In the case of ‘Parc Square’, this is not only obliterating an historic name, but the spelling of the word ‘parc’ has no relevance whatsoever to Huntingdon, past, present or future. What would the French say if they were asked to accept ‘park’ for some of their areas.

So we, the Huntingdon and Godmanchester Civic Society are not very happy with this name change and would like to see some consultation and a rethink.

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We hope some of you out there feel the same way, we have lost so much of our historic past in Huntingdon, surely this request is not asking too much.


The Huntingdon & Godmanchester Civic Society

Coxons Close