No consultation on sex sign plans

I SEE that Pulse and Cocktails have launched an appeal to the Secretary of State, objecting to the fact that their application to erect a giant “totem” sign at the Sawtry Adult Store has been rejected by the district council.

At the time that this advertising application was submitted, the actual licence for the sex shop expired and a renewal had to be applied for. The managing director, Mr Kidd, is quoted in another local paper as saying that he expects the licence to be renewed as Pulse and Cocktails has “adhered to” its licence conditions.

Those conditions, as I recall them, required the firm to plant new vegetation alongside Toll Bar Way to reduce the visibility of the site from that road (a busy route for school buses). Not only is there no evidence of new planting, but they have actually cut back existing vegetation to the extent that this visibility has been noticeably increased.

Perhaps our local district councillors could ask as many locals as possible whether it is me or Mr Kidd who is putting forward “counter-factual propositions”.

I also note, with no pleasure whatsoever, that our parish council has not objected; not because they are in favour of the continuation of the licence, but because they were “not consultees”. Neither was I, Sawtry PC; and nor were any of the 550 people who put in written objections. Words like “courage” and “convictions” do not spring to mind.


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