NIMBYs are blocking the clean energy we all need

THE Galley Hill wind turbine – a symbol of hope harnessing the wind for a cleaner future.

I don’t think the objections are a problem.

Within the boundary of Hemingford Grey, on London Road, we have a filling station with enough volatile liquid to barbecue Limes Park, No-one worries about it because the site is well maintained and regulated.

As for ice falling from the wind turbine – Wood Green has had a turbine on the animal shelter site at Godmanchetser for 21 years. They don’t have any health and safety issues and benefit from surplus payment revenue. They are building a larger turbine in the near future.

There is also an objection that the wind turbine would be a distraction, causing accidents on the A14. can a crucial asset be blocked because suicidal motorists take their eyes off the road? Should we ban mobile phones because idiotic drivers use them behind the wheel?

Wind turbines may not be a total answer to energy requirements, but they are doing their bit. They can be recycled, they don’t leave a legacy of desolation or storage for hundreds of years and they don’t pollute the environment, causing climate change.

There is a campaign to stop the development at any cost. The NIMBY movement has to be challenged before we are robbed of the clean energy we so desperately need.

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