New St Ives bus stop left no room to pass... even for a bike

On Monday, August 20, I cycled down to town to visit the West End shop in St Ives and then on to the library. To avoid the market I cycled along the Quay and down Priory Road when I came to a full stop.

It was impossible ride down Station Road even on a bicycle – one Guided Bus was picking up passengers with cars stopped behind it, other cars were waiting to come towards the bus but could not pass and, to make matters even worse, another Guided Bus was coming the opposite way from the by-pass crossing.

Not only did the traffic come to a halt but it lasted for a considerable time as passengers getting on the bus appeared to be slow.

Whoever thought this was a solution for passengers to board the bus here must never have given the idea much thought.


St Audrey Lane

St Ives