Mums don’t need special spaces at supermarkets

I HAVE never written to your paper before but I was incensed after reading Gemma Routledge’s letter in your January 9 edition (Trolley bad idea).

I am pleased that Tesco has introduced a trolley charge – now they are returned to the bays and not just abandoned. One only has to look round Huntingdon to see all the abandoned Sainsbury’s trolleys.

I suggest Ms Routledge purchases a token for £1 – these are readily available and can be kept on her key ring.

I am fed up with mothers expecting to have ‘mother and baby spaces’ close to the entrance especially for them. If they want more spaces, let them be at the far reaches of the car park, mothers are usually young and physically fit.

When I had a young baby in the 70s special spaces did not exist, nor did baby car seats or trolleys. Our babies were put in prams on the back seat of the car and we had to get them out as best we could.

I am sorry Ms Routledge’s baby was ill but surely if she only wanted to go the pharmacy she could have carried her baby or put it in a pushchair.


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