The most popular ways to keep a child entertained on a long journey are playing I Spy or just giving them an iPad, according to a new survey.

Some 31 per cent take the easy way out and hand over a tablet device loaded with games, videos or music, while 30pc do it the old-fashioned way with I Spy, Yellow Car and other games.

Surprisingly, 21pc of the parents surveyed by Halfords said their children were happy with a book during a car journey, although 35pc of the total admitted they had to bribe their kids with sweets or snacks.

Among the parents themselves, 57pc said the most annoying thing about long journeys was roadworks, while for 21pc it's simply the idea of being cooped up for an extended time.

Paul Tomlinson, Halfords' motoring expert, says: "Family road trips can be quite challenging, often requiring lots of patience as drivers put up with rowdy passengers, roadworks and wrong directions.

"So it's reassuring to see that both traditional and modern methods of keeping younger car passengers distracted work. Whether it's I Spy or iPad, the car journey is the ideal time to make some memorable moments."