More UFO sightings in Warboys and Ramsey

AFTER quilting in Warboys on July 8, 2010, my friend and I visited my sister. We were sitting in the garden chatting, with a coffee, when my sister pointed out a bright orange light in the sky, with no noise (Hunts Post Letters, March 23).

We sat watching, speechless, until it just went off to the right and was gone (honestly, it was just coffee that we were drinking).

After that, my husband and I, sitting in our lounge with the front curtains apart, saw orange lights in the sky coming towards us. We watched as they went over the house. We went to the back, onto the balcony, and watched them continue over the golf course and away.

The same happened – same direction, all bright orange, moving straight with no noise on August 7 at 9.30pm, August 15 (five at 9.25pm, five at 9.40pm, and one each at 9.50pm and 9.55pm), one on October 5, and on December 31 loads of lights, well spread and travelling straight and fast.

So five people can confirm that your correspondent [Patrick Comte] is not lying and that it’s not a hoax. I’m pleased that you have had his letter, because people laughed at me.

I don’t know what we saw, but I’m fascinated, not scared, and look forward to seeing some more.


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