Missed opportunity to provide something great for Huntingdon

New Plans for Chequers Court Huntingdon

New Plans for Chequers Court Huntingdon - Credit: Archant

WE HAVE recently seen an artists’ impression of the new Chequers Court buildings in Huntingdon and, oh, what a letdown they appear to be.

If only the decision-makers at Church Manor did a little shopping in our market towns they would possibly realise what makes for a busy bustling high street/market square and what sort of buildings create that want-to-shop-there atmosphere.

Visiting St Ives or St Neots where the majority of buildings respect past construction styles and materials, particularly with regard to roof treatment, they do feel and appear to be ‘cosier, more inviting places to shop than that currently available in Huntingdon.

So getting rid of the present flat roofed 60/70s rubbish in Chequers Court can only be viewed as a step forward, but to replace those buildings with more 21st century flat roofed rubbish is indeed depressing and can only be viewed (by me at least) as an opportunity missed. It is also an indication that Church Manor are not appreciative of what makes for a good shopping precinct or are they ruled by the cheapest-will-do syndrome.

If the latter is their guiding principle, then they may live to regret it.



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