Cooking made simple: 5 benefits of using a meal box delivery service

A range of meals from Cheffortless, St Neots

Cheffortless in St Neots deliver locally-sourced, prepared ingredients for you to cook at home - Credit: Cheffortless

Fresh, tasty meals delivered to your door – what's not to like?

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, everyone can agree that making meals can sometimes feel like a chore. From choosing recipes and shopping for ingredients, to prepping, cooking and washing up, finding the time to fit it all in can be a struggle with our busy lifestyles. 

Luckily, there’s a simple solution at hand. Meal box delivery services have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a convenient and hassle-free way to cook, with a varied menu of tasty and nutritious meals to choose from.  

Graham Morphew, founder of Cheffortless, a St Neots-based meal box delivery service, shares five reasons why you should give it a go.

Meal boxes and recipes from Cheffortless, St Neots

Ingredients come prepared with recipe cards, making cooking simple and hassle-free - Credit: Cheffortless

1. Simple, easy cooking  

Fed up of thinking about what to cook every night of the week? With a meal delivery service, the recipes and portions are already thought out for you – all you have to do is select the dishes you like the look of and wait for the ingredients to arrive.  

Cheffortless goes one step further and actually prepares the produce for you, with simple recipe cards for guidance. “All the food is chopped and prepared by us, with most meals taking less than 20 minutes to cook,” says Graham. “You don’t need any kitchen skills either – simply add the ingredients to the pan, follow the instructions and put it on a plate. There’s also very little washing up.”  

2. It helps to reduce waste 

Vegan Thai vegetable noodles from Cheffortless, St Neots

Vegan Thai vegetable noodles - Credit: Cheffortless

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We’re all becoming more aware of our environmental impact, and one simple way we can each do our bit towards protecting the planet is through recycling and reducing waste. While many big food suppliers are making an effort to use more recyclable packaging, independent businesses like Cheffortless are going the extra mile to boost their green credentials.  

“As well as cutting down on packaging and using fully recyclable materials, we also encourage our customers to reduce waste by offering a discount on their next order if they return the boxes, insulation and ice packs to us,” says Graham. “Rather than using a third-party service, we deliver and collect it ourselves in low-emission vehicles as part of our commitment to becoming a sustainable business.” 

3. A variety of fresh, tasty meals  

Salmon ratatouille with aubergine and courgette from Cheffortless, St Neots

Salmon ratatouille with aubergine and courgette - Credit: Cheffortless

Finding something new and exciting to eat every day is more challenging than it sounds, and one of the most appealing parts of using a meal box service is the diverse choice on offer. It means you can enjoy satisfying, nutritious meals and avoid going down the microwave meal or takeaway route. 

“We focus on locally sourced, fresh and balanced dishes, from flavour-packed veggie curries and Mediterranean salads to creamy pastas, smoky stews and Asian-inspired noodle bowls,” says Graham. “We also cater to different dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten and dairy-free, as well as low-fat options, with nutritional information provided for each meal.” 

4. It’s flexible and convenient  

Subscription services may have their benefits, but sometimes life calls for some flexibility. Cheffortless offers customers the opportunity to order meals for one to four days, with the option of choosing different dishes for up to four family members, as well as single portions. There’s also no subscription service, so you can order when you want.  

"Not everyone in the same household always wants to eat the same meals so some customers choose different options to cook on the same night. If your plans change it’s not an issue as our meals stay fresh for four days from delivery," says Graham.

5. Support local businesses  

Meatball pasta bake with mozzarella, tomato and garlic from Cherffortless in St Neots

Meatball pasta bake with mozzarella, tomato and garlic - Credit: Cheffortless

Another benefit of using a local food supplier is that you’re helping to support your community, which has never been more important. Cheffortless is committed to using local, independently owned businesses to help put money back into the local economy and ensure a high-quality service. 

“Not only do we use local producers and food suppliers for our meal boxes, but we also work with other local independent companies for all other aspects of our business from printing flyers to vehicle supply and servicing," explains Graham. “Employing local people is something we’re very passionate about and it's a big part of the Cheffortless ethos.” 

Cheffortless delivers to Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. New customers can get 50 per cent discount off their first order by using discount code WELCOME2021 when they checkout.

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