Mayor - ‘no politics on my watch’

I DO not normally write to the newspapers, but I feel that I should do so in this instance, if only to set the record straight.

Councillor Hyams (Letters, May 11), who joined Godmanchester Town Council in 2004, first stood, unsuccessfully, for election as town mayor in 2008 and subsequently, and again unsuccessfully, in 2009.

There is no tradition in Godmanchester of deputy mayors automatically becoming mayor, and councillors vote each year for the person they consider is likely to do the best job of representing the town of Godmanchester.

On each occasion the town councillors nominate candidates and vote according to their personal preference: no political influences are exerted.

While not wishing to generate an acrimonious exchange with Councillor Hyams, the inference from his letter is that Godmanchester Town Council has become more political during my stewardship as mayor.

The stated stance of Godmanchester Town Council is that it is apolitical, and throughout my term as mayor I have sought to discourage any attempts at political point-scoring during town council meetings. It is unfortunate that Councillor Hyams has brought politics into the arena, particularly as he seems to be the only one with that as part of his agenda.

Councillor ALAN WELTON

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