Mayor and deputy dedicated to Huntingdon

I READ with interest the letter from Peter Clark (The Hunts Post, May 16) who quite rightly has a freedom to have his moan but, like many letters written to our local press, they are written without checking all the facts.

I particularly took offence to the reference to the mayor and deputy mayor not living in Huntingdon. I happen to know both gentlemen very well, and I am aware what both of them have done for the town.

The current mayor, like a previous incumbent of that office, lives in Godmanchester, but as we know both towns are still closely linked, separated only by the Great Ouse, and were once a joint council.

In his previous role as a district council portfolio-holder, Colin Hyams’s responsibilities included many operational tasks, including grass-cutting, street-cleaning, recycling and CCTV in Huntingdon. I am sure Mr Clark is pleased to note that it was CCTV and Cllr. Hyams that dealt with the recent Huntingdon nightclub problems.

The deputy mayor previously served Huntingdon as a county councillor for Huntingdon and Godmanchester, and one cannot forget the 17 years that Bill Hensley worked to achieve a community radio station for Huntingdon. As the radio station manager, Bill Hensley is in Huntingdon every day.

In my conversations with the mayor and deputy mayor, I am very much aware that both gentlemen are dedicated to Huntingdon, its viability, and its community.


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