Messing about on the water with three children!

The Nevard family enjoyed a family day out on the water.

The Nevard family enjoyed a family day out on the water. - Credit: LOUISA NEVARD

I found the August school holidays a mixture of fun, challenges and giggles.

I like to plan each week so there is something to look forward to every day, if not for the kids but for my own sanity!

My favourite trip out was on a rowing boat. I was a little apprehensive as I had never taken the toddler boating before.

Would I manage to keep him entertained and most importantly in the boat? I was not sure but like any activity with young kids, you don’t know until you try.

As usual I was prepared, I had packed snacks, a leash, waterproof toys, nappies, drinks, a change of clothes and everything organised into waterproof bags.

Before boarding the ‘bomb proof’ boat, we were all provided with some very smart life jackets and spare oars. I declined the oar for the toddler as I had images of him hitting us on all the head.

I attached the leash to the toddler’s lifejacket and we all safely boarded before our boat floated off from the jetty.

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I was sat in the middle of the boat with the toddler between my legs and an oar in each of my hands, whilst the older children were at either end armed with an oar.

Everyone tried to row and paddle all at once. I found I couldn’t row with the toddler between myself and the oars, and the older children seemed to be paddling us directly towards a prickly bush.

In my panic to gain control an oar went flying into the water, this was followed by a sudden gust of wind which blew us straight into the prickly bushes.

Now lodged in the bush, just a few feet from our starting point, the gentleman from Houghton Boats rescued our oar and us.

Rather than feel defeated I rearranged the seating order and we rowed successfully along the river.

My son was very keen to try rowing and upon several attempts we yet again landed in bushes with an oar left floating in the water.

We laughed so much on our rowing adventure and it is definitely something we will all do again.