Lori proves Hunts has got talent

A 16-year-old singer-songwriter from Huntingdon has just been signed by Relentless Records – part of the EMI label. The former Hinchingbrooke School pupil could become the latest star to find fame through the internet. ANGELA SINGER reports. YOU would

A 16-year-old singer-songwriter from Huntingdon has just been signed by Relentless Records - part of the EMI label. The former Hinchingbrooke School pupil could become the latest star to find fame through the internet. ANGELA SINGER reports.

YOU would not want to be in the shoes of Lori-Ann Adams's former boyfriend.

The teenager from Huntingdon has just been signed to EMI after writing a record about how angry she was about the way her ex-boyfriend treated her.

The track Do Me Like That (as in How Could you Do Me Like That?) could soon encouraging empathy among young women across the country.

The track was written after they broke up, and is one of a collection of songs Lori says she has written to get her feelings down on paper.

Lori, 16, told The Hunts Post: "After the song and the video went on YouTube and MySpace I had had a lot of e-mails from girls saying they had broken up with their boyfriends and the song made them feel better.

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"One girl said she had been going out with her boyfriend for over seven years when she found out he was cheating on her and she thought the song was a way of getting her own back."

The former Hinchingbrooke pupil says she has lost count of the songs she has written, it's more than 50 and she has been writing she was 10.

"When I was nine, my nan used to sing to me. I was 10 when she died and writing a song was a way of getting my anger down on paper. All my songs have meaning. They are about how I am feeling at the time. I sit down and write the words, then I listen to the beat."

She added: "I wrote a song when I was at primary school in Thongsley. It was a cheesy song but I sang it to my dad, who told me to believe in myself."

Lori, who started recording at the studio in Huntingdon Youth Centre, can also be heard on one of the entries for this year's Almost Famous Song Competition. Her entry is called Tell Me Why.

After her record Do Me Like That was sent to a DJ (DJ Reepz), it was remixed as a bassline track (previously called garage) and last week she signed a record deal with Relentless Records, part of major label EMI.

Michala Dalphinis, an A&R woman for Digital Noize, told The Hunts Post: "Lori is a talented singer-songwriter. She has lots of potential and we believe that Do Me Like That is a future hit record, after which she could develop into a star."

DJ Reepz's remix made it to number two in the Channel U (Sky 360) chart, which is complied by the viewers' votes.

It has also been played on BBC 1Xtra and Kiss FM. The video on YouTube has had more than 100,000 hits in five weeks and this is understood to have helped Lori secure the deal with Relentless. The song is due for an official release in late June or early July.

Lori's management Undadogg Promotions, run by Sara Dutton and Leroy Palmer and based in St Ives, says it could become the summer anthem of 2008.

If it does well, her contract allows for a follow up single to be released in September.

Lori said: "I was nervous as soon as I stepped into the EMI building but I felt like dancing as well. I thought how could this happen to me? My thoughts were wow! It was amazing, the walls were full of platinum CDs of big people - Robbie Williams, Beverley Knight, Kylie Minogue and Joss Stone."

Sara Dutton from Undadogg said: "In some ways it is much easier nowadays to promote your record and your video - but that also makes it harder to get noticed because there is so much out there."

Lori is the youngest of three sisters. Her dad, Jackie, works for Solo in St Peter's Road, Huntingdon, and her mum, Jenny is a chef at the Black Bull in Godmanchester.

Lori's video was made by Ben Harris of Urben Media. It was shot in December high up on Nottingham Castle.

Lori said: "It was absolutely freezing and I am afraid of heights, but the view was amazing and it was definitely worth it."

She says she is grateful to all the help Huntingdon Youth Centre has given her.

"I have recorded three songs there. I go there and it's nice to see everyone."

Her verdict on the record contract: "It's pretty cool."


(See Page 124 - for the latest competition news. To hear the songs, go to http://tinyurl.com/6dyqfj)

Need More Time - Barry Denston - Soulful acoustic pop

Put The Story Right - The Beautiful Sleazy - Classic rock

This Single Life - Comfy Slippers - Light rock

Let Me Go - Dan Darlow - Dark atmospheric rock

Welcome To The British Summer - The Erstwhile Collective - Breezy pop rock

Accelerator - First Aid Boy - Alternative rock

The Bright House - Gabrielle Wright - Folky pop

Hide It All - I Only Date Models - Indie rock

Flesh and Blood - Introspectators - Indie alternative rock

Tell Me Why - MC WD featuring Skool Boy and Lori - Rap

Worth It - Philip J. Cook - Alternative folk

I Knew It Was Love - Relative - Pop rock

Sweetheart Oh No! - Rogue Poet - Melodic alternative indie

Grey - Rohan Leach - Alternative electronic rock

Epicon 4 - Salabanzi - Rock

Mark Ash - Situation - Mod rock

Fire - Stand On Ceremony - Punk rock

Dave - The Uncovering - Hardcore punk rock


Almost Famous columnist, Chris Boland writes:

OF the entrants to the song competition there are a few tracks that would be of particular interest to record companies. Rogue Poet sound extremely exciting and have quite a fashionable sound. The track by I Only Date Models is extremely accomplished and quite radio friendly too. Of course, bands and musicians can be very successful away from the FM airwaves and pop charts. St Ives punk band Bomb Factory could well find a niche that makes them stars of their genre.