Lord Toby – his Acer support deserves your support

I WOULD like to pledge my support to Lord Toby Jug for election as a local councillor.

His backing of our campaign to save Acer Ward at Hinchingbrooke Hospital came with a sincerity I personally valued, borne of his experience of witnessing first hand the impact of mental illness on the lives of people close to him: his stepfather, who was once a patient on Acer Ward, and his mentor and former Monster Raving Loony Party leader, Screaming Lord Sutch, who suffered from manic depression and fought against it all his life before it became too much and sadly overwhelmed him.

On the day of our demonstration against the ward closure, from which all of us campaigners drew such strength, I had the feeling that Lord Sutch was also cheering along with Toby’s slogan: “Only real madmen close much-needed hospital wards.”

Lord Toby Jug is someone who is prepared to say it like it is and stand up for important local issues such as this – that’s a rare thing these days. What’s more, in these dark times where politics seems to be all doom and gloom, he is a source of smiles and laughter, adding a bit of cheer to the local community, including our cause.


Save Acer Ward Campaign