Listen to local knowledge on guided bus stop siting

ANYONE with even a small amount of local knowledge of St. Ives would know that even without a bus stop at the town end of Station Road it has been a mess for a long time for buses to try to turn at the junction.

Traffic coming down Station Road to turn right will stop buses being able to turn and, if the inconsiderate drivers who visit town are parked on the road on double yellow lines (blue badge or not), then again it is very hard for buses to turn.

May I ask through your pages who comes up with these stupid ideas: councillors? Perhaps they should visit these sites and collect local knowledge before they make decisions.

Who in their right mind gives consent for a bus stop so close to a busy junction?

Why do we need a bus stop outside a perfectly good bus station which by the way has all the facilities needed by passengers, ie toilets, covered areas against the weather with seating and information for travellers?

These so called clever people (who usually get paid large salaries) must learn that they are paid by the man in the street through his Council Tax, and must start learning to listen to Joe Bloggs, as he is on the ground and can see problems through local knowledge.

Please wake up, Cambridgeshire County Council. Get out on the streets and see/listen to ordinary people: they usually know better than you.

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Victor Close

St Ives