Lib Dems paid the price for failure on St Neots parking

IN reply to the letter from Bert Cook (May 11), we on the estate have had enough of these commuters clogging up our streets, though the footbridge would only open up the streets on Loves Farm for them to park.

These people will not pay to park and would only park elsewhere if it were free. How they think �6 a day is expensive is beyond most folk: they should try going to other towns where �12 a day is nothing. Cambridge is �18 per day. They are just cheapskates.

Go to any town in this country, and all the streets near a station have restrictions in place to protect the residents, but not St Neots.

I spoke to highways regarding the restrictions outside the [Longsands] school, and it was agreed that a time restriction would be put in place.

It was always a problem, as parents could not park to pick up the kids and were blocking the streets near the school, but highways put a one hour restriction in place when the school came out. That makes sense.

It has now got to the stage where the whole estate needs looking at. Refuse lorries cannot get through in Child’s Pond Road, leaving the bins. The emergency services cannot get through, as they are double parked. Buses cannot get through.

The Lib Dems got pushed out through not taking the people seriously enough: it is now up to the Tories to grasp this problem and do something.

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We don’t pay our taxes to have cars turning up here at 5am and still be parked here at 7pm. This used to be the best estate in St Neots but not now. Go to Huntingdon – all the roads have restrictions in place. Here, folk cannot reverse out of their drives in safety now through there being only one lane left.

I wrote to our MP at Westminster and he has written to highways asking for restrictions, so it is up to Barry Chapman and his agents to pick up the baton and run with this and solve it.


Bean Close

St Neots