Let the public have their say on Cambs fire cuts

IT is clear from a number of comments made at the [fire authority] meeting that Cambridgeshire Tories have yet to learn what it is really about to respond to public concerns about the fire and rescue service.

This was particularly evident when discussing the future crewing of Huntingdon fire station and the “horror” which was forthcoming when a Tory member suggested there might be a need for public consultation - ask the public and maybe not get the answer you wanted and then have to do something different How awful!

The fire service is held in high esteem and regard. It’s our collective responsibility to protect this service and its staff for the safety of all citizens and, if re-thinks on potentially savage cuts are needed, elected members and senior management should respond and take up robustly the case with ministers to get a fair deal - and urgently.


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority