Let’s hope January date is the final one for St Neots cinema

I WAS very concerned to read that once again there was a delay with the building of the cinema. It is such a shame for the people of St Neots who have waited so long for this amenity.

When I started to collect signatures in favour of the cinema last year I was surprised at the amount of people who wanted to sign the petition and the queues I had on the market when I had my stall and the many people who thanked me for my effort.

Let us hope January is the final date. We have now been listed the fourth best town for eating out in England – another reason for this amenity.

Another argument now being used against the cinema development is traffic congestion. When you come out of the cinema there are five ways you can go out of town for a start and as the films showing will be every hour during the day – there will be no congestion


Blackwood Road

Eaton Socon