Let people of St Ives have their say on town art work

The extent of the building that can be seen from the Quay, St Ives.

The extent of the building that can be seen from the Quay, St Ives.

IN reply to the letter Mural madness (Letters, March 6).

Proposed mural in St Ives Quay

Proposed mural in St Ives Quay - Credit: Archant

You’re not alone. I too believe the proposed mural in Tanners Quay, St Ives, is an awful idea. Let alone the subject of defacing a Grade II listed building, it will rarely be seen.

I pass the location regularly and researched the angle of view, the photograph in the article having been cleverly placed. You would have be within 30 feet of the building to see the mural and, therefore, it would not serve the purpose of attracting people to the location. It can’t be seen from the quay itself as the side of the building is hidden. The artists impression shown in the recent article has indeed used artistic licence in promoting the idea. If it will not be seen, so why is it being even considered?

The money could be put to much better use and locals in the area should be given a say in how it is spent. I’m sure there are much better ideas than vandalising an historic building.

As a photographer I have captured some of the hidden art in St Ives by mainly unknown artists and though I don’t encourage vandalism or unauthorizsd graffiti, these pictures are interesting and have cost the local economy nothing.

I am not knocking the enthusiasm behind the idea but perhaps we could use the grant to encourage local artists. Rather than one huge mural on a building you can’t see, St Ives could be treated with lots of smaller murals by different local artists.

They could be themed as clues to where the next mural is, a treasure hunt round the streets of St Ives passing some of the tucked away retail areas.

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