Let Mother Nature sort out the land

THE land now known as the “Pightle” (The Hunts Post, March 23) has only recently acquired this name, no doubt around the same time as it came under trustees’ jurisdiction.

It had been used for grazing horses and for many years was used as an outside incinerator for the plastics factory that stood where Capulet Close now stands.

Many nights as a lad I watched chemical flames dance and sometimes explode into the night sky, closely followed by the St Neots Fire Brigade in breathing apparatus trying to stop it.Valuable local amenity it may now be, but I have used it off and on since 1971, as a lad, youth and fisherman and needed no paths or special trees to enjoy it. A sense of perspective in these times is necessary and I’d take one more hour of an A&E department over some nice fencing.

Let it go back to the wilder state it was without the sanitisation of bulbs and false planting that goes on.

The best way to encourage nature is let her get on with it.


Eaton Socon