Keeping the pressure on for A1 safety improvements

I WENT to see Jonathan Djanogly and he was very supportive of our campaign to improve the safety of Buckden roundabout. He said that he would follow up our discussion by talking to the relevant people. He uses the road on a regular bases and understands the problem of the whole stretch from Brampton to Little Paxton. He is very ware of the increase in traffic on this stretch of the A1.

On doing more research, and having spoken with the supportive Buckden Parish Council, we see that traffic lights on the roundabout are not really feasible due to the size, shape and cost of such a project. So changing tack a little, though we would still like traffic lights or even a bypass (we can dream!) and considering our neighbours in Diddington and Southoe, perhaps the answer is for enforced speed cameras.

On the A14 average speed cameras have been very effective in slowing the traffic to keeping to the speed limits. Many locals have contacted us to say ‘Well Done’ for raising the deep concern regarding Buckden roundabout and that it is the over 50mph speeders that cause a lot of the problems. Hopefully speed cameras would get this speed under control.

We have also noticed that coming from the North to the roundabout, there is no large roundabout sign showing that there is a turn into the village. There is only a small roundabout sign when drivers are nearly upon it. Some larger signs warning motorists that it is a danger spot and to slow down might help.

Average speed cameras would also benefit Southoe as the speed that drivers go round those bends and approach the roundabout from that direction is far too fast.

What next? Well Buckden WI is going to set up a steering committee with a view to keeping pressure on the people who decide what should happen with signage and speed monitoring as well as getting drivers to take more care. We will keep you informed of our actions.

Thanks for everyone’s support. Please keep talking about it and write to your MPs and councillors – the more of us that do this the better.

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