Keep town tidy in run up charter celebrations

ON Sunday morning (June 10) we decided to take an early morning walk through various areas of Godmanchester.

It was beautiful, the sun shining, only a very slight breeze, birds singing and everything looking good. That was until we were walking up to the cemetery, then all over the road near the gates was rubbish and litter. Some people had a late takeaway and yes, were too damn lazy to either take all their rubbish home or put it in the nearby bin. Cartons, cups, spoons, paper, cigarette packets, etc. No respect whatsoever for the area.

We picked it all up, cleaned the area and placed all in the litter bin, which was just through the cemetery entrance.

While in the cemetery we rescued a few flowers which had been blown down through Earning Street and found newspapers strewn all over the road.

Please, to those people who dump litter aimlessly through our streets, remember this: there are bins that out town council has provided for the purpose of using just for disposing of your hand rubbish, so please think and don’t chuck it, bin it.

Godmanchester is a lovely town, let’s keep it clean.

Remember, this year it’s Gomanchester’s charter celebration year. Many visitors will be coming to help the celebrations along and many hard working parties in our town are planning accordingly.

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All of us in Godmanchester can help too . Let’s keep our town clean, pick up any litter you see and place it in the many bins that are around the town, By doing this we help those who are working so hard for us and hope that the visitors who come will see what a lovely clean town we live in.