Keep the noise in Bluntisham and keep fundraising

Noise complaints in Bluntisham spark requests to join in the fun and fundraising

I WAS astounded to find that the killjoys of Bluntisham are still alive and kicking with regard to our village hall.

This facility was completed in 2005 to exacting standards and comes complete with a sound limiter that cuts off the power supply to any equipment being used that exceeds the statutory sound limit for the building.

Judy Wilson has, in the past, raised considerable sums of money for MAGPAS and this latest endeavour on her part for the Shannon Corr Fund.

Instead of sitting on the sidelines and criticising and writing e-mails why not, as Judy says, get involved. Come out from behind your bricks and mortar and attend parish council meetings.

Where were you when it was the annual parish meeting in April? You could have had your say then.

For goodness sake, be glad you have such a wonderful facility that is well used, greatly admired by visiting cricket and football teams, and the various event organisers, plus the numerous local clubs who hold events there.

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St Marys Close


LAST year I went to a meeting in Bluntisham Village Hall where a plan for the village “future” was to be discussed. Someone wanted to whinge on about the village hall being built so close to her house. So much for discussing the future!

The same whingers and whiners will always go on and on. The best policy is to ignore it and carry on with the good work raising money and enjoying the village hall, after all that’s why it was built.

Book a few rock bands and hopefully they will move.


Bramley Grove