IVF centre’s first baby gives St Neots couple extended family


AN EATON Socon mother is the first woman to give birth after receiving fertility treatment at a new specialist NHS clinic.

The longed-for addition has made the Moulds family complete, according to proud mum Melanie.

Mrs Moulds, 29, gave birth to 6lb 1.5oz Kallee at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon, after a 10-week procedure at the Cambridge IVF fertility centre, which opened a year ago.

Kallee was born naturally on August 11, almost four years to the day that older brother Jack, also conceived using IVF, was born.

Now Mrs Moulds and her electrician husband, Lee, 35, of Viscount Court, can finally enjoy being parents to the two children who have made their lives whole.

“I knew I would need fertility treatment 12 years ago after being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries,” Mrs Moulds told The Hunts Post.

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“We tried lots of different methods before IVF, including injections and a drug called Clomid, which I could only take for a limited time because it would increase the risk of cervical cancer. None of those worked so, in 2007, we decided to have IVF.”

The method allows an egg to be fertilised by the sperm outside the body and then returned to the woman for pregnancy.

“We were so lucky with both Kallee and Jack because both of them were conceived on the first attempt,” Mrs Moulds said.

“Each time it was a 10-week process – blood tests, scans, daily injections and more internal scans, but it was worth it.”

The Cambridge IVF Fertility Centre is the largest NHS-funded fertility centre in the East of England, and means couples can undergo the whole process in one location, with financial support from the NHS.

Mrs Moulds, whose previous IVF was administered at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Bourn Hall Clinic, in Cambridge, said that having everything under one roof reduced some of the pressures associated with IVF.

She said: “There was the consistency of doctors and nurses and the care we received was really personal. The new IVF centre doesn’t look or feel like a hospital, so I was able to relax more.

“We were offered counselling as part of the care at the centre, but I never felt I needed it,” said Mrs Moulds, a carer for MENCAP in St Neots,.

“My husband has been there for me throughout and given me support. He’s been so positive, as have my family and friends.

“Without them we couldn’t have done this and we’re so grateful to everyone, including the staff at the centre.”