It’s not just a pay cut that’s hitting Huntingdon staff

IN reference to your article regarding the 10 per cent pay cut at VIP Polymers, Second strike could damage firm’s future (June 5).

What the management failed to mention that along with this cut in pay there is also a reduction in company sick pay from 100 per cent of pay to 75 per cent of pay. Also the company wants the right after giving a week’s notice to workers who are not required to work the following week due to no customer orders and to expects them to sit around at home awaiting their beck and call and being paid a paltry, as of yet unknown, retainer and do not want the employees to obtain further employment during their time at home. Also the management failed to inform you that the shop floor workers have been on a four day week for most of the last year which amounts to a 20 per cent pay cut compared to the 10 per cent cut which the management have had. Also there have been no pay increases for the workforce for at least two years. I feel that you should print the whole story and not just what the management want people to know as obviously they are just trying to make this loyal workforce out to be mindless mercenaries.

This workforce has been forced in to a corner due to cuts in their pay and conditions over the last five years while their standard of living is being eroded.